Tree Care

Our certified arborist can help identify, treat and prevent Tree healthcare issues.

Tree Planting

Do your part, plant a tree! Trees Produce the oxygen we breathe!

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is a unique service we offer protecting trees from lightning, we install a copper cable in the tree to divert the flow of electricity away from the tree and into the ground.

Tree Pruning

At Wichita Tree Service you can expect a different kind of tree pruning experience. Wichita Tree Service employees only prune trees to ISA and ANSI A300 standards. The types of pruning we offer include clean, raise, reduce, thin. We will never violate the arborist code of ethics, we will not top, lion tail or spike any living trees. Unless in an emergency or absolute necessity. We educate customers on proper pruning techniques in order to prevent damage to trees.
Why don’t we top trees? A proper crown reduction can reduce the height And weight of a tree without causing as much irreversible damage to trees. Cutting back to a lateral limb allows the pruning cut to heal better and the tree to have a dominant limb to continue growth.
Why don’t we wear spikes when we climb trees we are pruning? Because it’s really bad for trees. We only hire advanced climbing arborists that don’t need spikes.

Tree Removal and Land Clearing.

Wichita Tree Service has the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to tackle any tree removal or land clearing job with ease. We offer tree removal services for both commercial and residential clients. Wichita Tree Serice has done jobs for the City of Wichita, Mulvane, homeowners associations,  The Sedgwick County Zoo, Cessna Aviation, Wichita State University, and many other large commercial clients. We have worked with customers like Conco and Dondlinger construction on land clearing jobs. We often beat large excavation companies on land clearing by thousands of dollars because of our specialized equipment, efficiency, low overhead and ability to recycle waste. These 4 factors Help us keep our cost to the customer lower than excavation companies and large national tree services. Large land clearing jobs are no problem for the crews at Wichita Tree Service. On projects like the Slate Creek Wind Farm near Wellington, we cleared miles limbs overhanging the roads for less than the competing excavation company who was going to rip the limbs down with an excavator, leaving large open wounds on the trees. this would leave the trees open to infestation and disease, we were able to do the job making proper cuts for a lower price. Whatever the project Wichita Tree Service has what it takes to get the job done. 

Stump Grinding and Removal

Have a stump left behind by another tree service? Have a stump that other companies cant get to? Wichita Tree Service has the answer. We have one smaller 13hp machine that can be carried through a building if needed and Our larger Vermeer Sc362 can take on any larger stumps you might have.  Our equipment is high powered to get the job done fast but also easy to transport and can fit in a 36in gate if need. We grind all stumps 12 inches below grade to prevent regrowth of stump. We also offer mulch removal for an extra charge and we can bring in topsoil to fill the hole so it will look like a stump was never there. we can grind most stumps for less than the cost of renting a stump grinder and doing it yourself! Give us a call for a quote today!