decided not to call wichita tree service? hope the other guys had insurance.
nighttime tree trimming done by Wichita tree service llc employees.

Tree Trimming by Wichita Tree Service
tree removal and stump grinding by Wichita Tree Service employee.
Large stump grinder. stump grinding by wichita tree service. stump removal services.
Tree Trimming done is winter by Wichita Tree Service owner Robert Phillips
Tree Trimming By Wichita Tree Service employees
crane tree removal by wichita tree service

Wichita Tree Service Owner Robert Phillips And His Family.
wichita tree service newspaper ad

tree trimming along power lines done by Wichita tree service. picture taken by Wichita tree service owner Robert phillips
Wichita Tree Service, tree removal

Wichita tree service official logo
downtown wichita kansas, keeper of the pains, photo by robert phillips owner of wichita tree service llc. also has wichita tree service logo

One thought on “Photos

  1. We had a dead Maple tree in our backyard and several trees in front of the house which were touching our roof.
    We tried other popular tree services, but they were either too busy or too expensive.
    When we called Wichita Tree service, they responded immediately, and came out and did the job.
    Their service was very quick and professional. Their staff were very courteous and quick to understand what was needed.
    Rates were very reasonable. Completely satisfied with their work.
    We would highly recommend them to all homeowners out there who have tree problems.

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