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Tree Pruning

At Wichita Tree Service you can expect a different kind of tree pruning experience. Wichita Tree Service employees only prune trees to ISA and ANSI A300 standards. The types of pruning we offer include clean, raise, reduce, thin. We will never violate the arborist code of ethics, we will not top, lion tail or spike any living trees. Unless in an emergency or absolute necessity. We educate customers on proper pruning techniques in order to prevent damage to trees.
Why don’t we top trees? A proper crown reduction can reduce the height And weight of a tree without causing as much irreversible damage to trees. Cutting back to a lateral limb allows the pruning cut to heal better and the tree to have a dominant limb to continue growth.
Why don’t we wear spikes when we climb trees we are pruning? Because it’s really bad for trees. We only hire advanced climbing arborists that don’t need spikes.

Tree Removal and Land Clearing.

Wichita Tree Service has the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to tackle any tree removal or land clearing job with ease. We offer tree removal services for both commercial and residential clients. Wichita Tree Serice has done jobs for the City of Wichita, Mulvane, homeowners associations,  The Sedgwick County Zoo, Cessna Aviation, Wichita State University, and many other large commercial clients. We have worked with customers like Conco and Dondlinger construction on land clearing jobs. We often beat large excavation companies on land clearing by thousands of dollars because of our specialized equipment, efficiency, low overhead and ability to recycle waste. These 4 factors Help us keep our cost to the customer lower than excavation companies and large national tree services. Large land clearing jobs are no problem for the crews at Wichita Tree Service. On projects like the Slate Creek Wind Farm near Wellington, we cleared miles limbs overhanging the roads for less than the competing excavation company who was going to rip the limbs down with an excavator, leaving large open wounds on the trees. this would leave the trees open to infestation and disease, we were able to do the job making proper cuts for a lower price. Whatever the project Wichita Tree Service has what it takes to get the job done. 

Stump Grinding and Removal

Have a stump left behind by another tree service? Have a stump that other companies cant get to? Wichita Tree Service has the answer. We have one smaller 13hp machine that can be carried through a building if needed and Our larger Vermeer Sc362 can take on any larger stumps you might have.  Our equipment is high powered to get the job done fast but also easy to transport and can fit in a 36in gate if need. We grind all stumps 12 inches below grade to prevent regrowth of stump. We also offer mulch removal for an extra charge and we can bring in topsoil to fill the hole so it will look like a stump was never there. we can grind most stumps for less than the cost of renting a stump grinder and doing it yourself! Give us a call for a quote today!

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What else we provide?

Tree Care

Our certified arborist can help identify, treat and prevent Tree healthcare issues.

Tree Planting

Do your part, plant a tree! Trees Produce the oxygen we breathe!

Land Clearing

Wichita Tree Service is the best equipment tree service in the Wichita area to handle any land clearing, site clearing, or brush clearing job.

How Much Does Tree Service in Wichita Kansas cost?

When it comes to the cost of tree services, such as tree removal, tree trimming, land clearing, and stump grinding, it’s essential to have accurate information. Many websites lack firsthand knowledge of these specialized services. At Wichita Tree Service, we aim to provide a clear understanding of the factors that influence costs in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding areas.

Stump Grinding:

Let’s start with stump grinding, a relatively straightforward process to explain. At Wichita Tree Service, we offer a flat rate of $7.5 per inch for stump grinding. For example, if you have a stump with a diameter of 20 inches, the cost would amount to $150. We do have a minimum charge of $100 for smaller stumps, which covers the necessary drive time. Keep in mind that most tree service companies have similar minimum charges ranging from approximately $100 to $400. The average cost for stump grinding with Wichita Tree Service typically falls between $100 and $300. However, this price may be lower if we are simultaneously removing the tree. On the other hand, stump grinding costs may increase if the stump is located in a hard-to-reach area or requires special precautions.

Tree Removal:

When estimating the cost of tree removal, an on-site assessment is crucial for an accurate estimate. Pictures alone cannot provide the necessary information. During our assessment, we carefully evaluate various factors, such as the drop zone—the area beneath the tree. We consider nearby structures, electrical wires, and potential obstacles like fences. Limited or nonexistent drop zones require additional measures, such as rigging down limbs with ropes, which increases the complexity, time, and risk involved. Tree removal costs vary depending on these factors. Smaller trees with ample drop zones and easy truck access typically fall within the lower end of the price range, ranging from $100 to $2,000.

Accessibility and Equipment:

Access to the tree is another critical consideration. Can our bucket truck reach the tree easily? At Wichita Tree Service, we have a range of bucket truck sizes that streamline the removal process. Trees with limited drop zones but accessible by a bucket truck fall within the lower end of the price spectrum. However, for trees with limited drop zones or no access for a bucket truck, we rely on climbing arborists, specialized equipment like spider lifts, or cranes. These scenarios, especially with large trees, may result in higher costs. Tree removal prices for trees with limited drop zones and no access can range from $2,000 to $15,000 in Kansas.


The cost of tree removal is not solely determined by the size of the tree. Factors like location and accessibility play significant roles. At Wichita Tree Service, we consider all these factors when providing accurate estimates. We are committed to transparency and helping you understand the cost of tree services in Wichita, Kansas.

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Customers (7/11/23)

What our clients say

(Customer rated 10/10)

“First, we called another company recommended by a top nursery in town. They took our call, said they would be out and did not show up. We called again, they said they would be out again, and we never saw them. We called Wichita Tree Service, they said they would be out and they showed up.
Second, the guys who came to do the work did a good job. They asked for our input, which I really appreciate. I may not know much about tree pruning, but they can take their expertise and my desires and come up with a workable solution. I appreciate that.”

Dana Matheny – June 13th Ctmatheny@msn.com

(Customer Rated 10/10)

“A recent storm caused a lot of damage to our 45 year old Black Walnut Tree. There were so many limbs down that we were afraid that we might lose the whole tree. We called several places for estimates and advice, but Wichita Tree Service responded to our request right away. When the owner came out to our house, he was professional and knowledgeable; he obviously really cared about the trees. He answered all of our questions, offered some thoughtful suggestions, gave us some choices, and then came up with a very reasonable bid. We were so impressed that we knew that we wanted this company working with us. The team came out very quickly and they were all very courteous, skilled, and experienced. We enjoyed watching the team and their equipment. They were so efficient. The yard was very clean and neat when the team finished. Best of all, our tree looked amazingly nice and was on its way to a healthy recovery. All of the trees on our property were planted as saplings over 40 years ago. We will trust Wichita Tree Service to care for their needs in the future. I strongly recommend this company to any homeowner who in need of care for their trees and landscaping.
Caroll Steacy”

Caroll Steacy – July 6th

(Customer rated 10/10)

“Extremely professional.
Great job I will definitely use them again and refer them to friends.”

Lisa Rodgers – June 3rd Jlisa1023@yahoo.com

(customer rated 10/10)

“Because there was no 11, and you did a really good job!”

Jay Magelssen – June 17th Tenheart@cox.net

(Customer rated 10/10)


Fred Thurlow – July 20th Fred.thurlow.b6qq@statefarm.com

About us

You found us by searching for “tree service in Wichita, KS,” and you’ve come to the right place. Before you give Alaina a call to schedule a free estimate, take a moment to learn a little about me and my company.

I’m Robert Phillips, the proud owner of Wichita Tree Service. I established this business back in 2012 when I was a financially struggling college student right here in Wichita. Offering tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and trimming services to the local area, I created this website, which quickly gained traction. Before I knew it, Wichita Tree Service was born almost overnight. I enlisted the help of some friends, acquired a small stump grinder from the Home Depot rental department, and got to work cutting trees.

At that time, my only equipment consisted of a beat-up F-150 truck I purchased from a salvage auction and a boat trailer I found at a garage sale. After fixing up the truck and adding some boards to the boat trailer, my journey began. Facing considerable competition in town, I knew I needed to differentiate myself. From then on, I made a firm decision to do things differently—to do things the right way. No cutting corners, no spiking trees, topping, or lions tailing trees. I adhered to all A.N.S.I. and I.S.A. standards, obtained the necessary insurance, and ensured we wore proper personal protective equipment. The plan was simple: to maintain a higher level of professionalism than our competitors and hope that people would take notice.

I modeled my business after larger tree services that prioritized ethical practices, believing it to be the key to their success. I dedicated myself to educating both my customers and myself about the detrimental effects of topping, spiking, and lion tailing trees. I focused on becoming a certified arborist, immersing myself in books, audiobooks, and extensive research to expand my knowledge. Eventually, I took the arborist exam and passed it on my first attempt.

Today, I can proudly say that my plan worked. Through countless weeks of working over 100 hours, through the literal blood, sweat, and tears shed by me and my team, we achieved continuous growth of 100% year after year. I hired more employees and invested in new equipment. Now, we stand as the largest tree service provider in Wichita, leading in terms of the number of employees, equipment inventory, and annual revenue. We are even expanding our services to include plant health care, tree planting, land clearing, disaster relief, and other aspects of arboriculture. Furthermore, we have plans to establish a wood waste recycling center and open additional tree service branches in the future.

Throughout this journey, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experiences. Initially, I believed that simply doing things the right way was the key to success, but I soon realized that it requires unwavering dedication and hard work. Most importantly, it necessitates the support of people who believe in you and what you do. Our company wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredible individuals who have helped us along the way—our loyal early customers who kept returning, investing their hard-earned money because they believed in us, as well as the employees and friends who have supported us throughout. I am forever grateful to all of them.

-Robert Phillips

(ISA Certified Arborist, Kansas Certified Arborist, TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional,  Tree Risk assessment Qualified)

(New Edit 7/11/23)