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You Googled “tree service in Wichita, KS” obviously looking for a tree service in Wichita, KS and here you are. Well, you came to the right place; your next step is to give me a call to set up a time to receive a free estimate, but before you do please take some time to read a little about me and my company.

At Wichita Tree Service, we are focused on providing tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree trimming, general tree care and landscaping services to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are licensed, insured, and a BBB accredited business. we are one of only a few tree trimming services in Wichita that have a certified arborist on staff. Here at Wichita Tree Service we can guarantee that we will do everything to meet or exceed your expectations. When you call Wichita Tree Service you will speak directly with me, the owner, and will never be greeted by an automated machine, or someone in a call center. I personally answer the phone and  if I am unable to get to your call and  let it go to voice mail, I will get back to you in less than 24 hours guaranteed.we offer emergency services so you can call or text me anytime, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

We are a family owned and operated tree service in Wichita, KS and we  believe in doing the job well.  All estimates are done by me, Robert Phillips the owner of the company. I work weekends and evenings, so you won’t have trouble setting up a time to get a free estimate. Everyone at Wichita Tree Service L.L.C. takes pride in being honest and dependable. As the owner of the business, I try to oversee all the jobs we do, but because I’m a busy man, I can’t make it out to every job; that’s why I guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a problem (which you shouldn’t), you can call my personal number and I will make sure to take care of any issues personally. (316) 616-8321 Wichita Tree Service also known as the best tree service in Wichita, KS can be reached by phone, email, or text 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Most estimates can be done within 2 days.  To learn more about the services we offer, go to our services page.  If you have a question, do not hesitate to call.  A real person will answer and make every attempt to provide an answer.

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Phone: (316) 616-8321


Address: 6111 E. Danbury, Wichita, KS 67220

Hours: 8am- 10pm

6 thoughts on “Tree Service in Wichita, KS

  1. Linda Pummel

    I would like an estimate on removing a tree that has fallen in my yard due to the storm. My cell number is: 841-8251, but I can’t guarantee good reception. I look forward to your email reply. Thank you.

  2. Angela Lee

    I own 2 rental homes in Wichita, one of which is located at 2251 S Ellis St. In the back yard is a Bradford Pear that sustained wind damage earlier in the year. Fortunately, the large branch that fell (since been removed by the handyman I use to do repairs on my rentals) did not damage the house. More recently in another windstorm another large branch fell (not removed – still on the property) and I agreed (with my tenant) that the tree should come down entirely before another windstorm damage occurs where a branch might fall on the house. I have had 1 tree removal company quote me to cut down the tree and remove it. At the same time they suggested that some saplings growing along one of the fence lines should be removed as they said they would cause problems in the future. So the verbal quote (they are following up with an email quote today) they gave yesterday was just under $2,000 to cut down the Bradford Pear tree, remove the wood including the fallen branch still in the yard and to cut down those small saplings. If I have the stump ground to the Pear then the quote is around $2,200. Since I consider this quote very high I am looking for competitive quotes to get this work done. If you have an interest in quoting please call me at (606) 787-2458. I am an absentee landlord and live in Kentucky but, as I said, the house with the tree work to be done is in Wichita. Thank you.

  3. David Griggs

    A tree in my neighbors yard broke and fell on my fence and truck during the April Microburst of last year, also taking out my power. My interest is in the state of the tree today. One large limb still overhangs my house and property and the remainder of the tree creaked in the large winds of last week. The remainder of the portion that broke off still remains in my yard, averaging more than 3 feet in diameter. I’d like to get an estimate from a certified Arborist on several options.


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