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Tree Care

Our certified arborist can help identify, treat and prevent Tree healthcare issues.

Tree Planting

Do your part, plant a tree! Trees Produce the oxygen we breathe!

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is a unique service we offer protecting trees from lightning, we install a copper cable in the tree to divert the flow of electricity away from the tree and into the ground.

What our users say

(Customer rated 10/10)

“First, we called another company recommended by a top nursery in town. They took our call, said they would be out and did not show up. We called again, they said they would be out again, and we never saw them. We called Wichita Tree Service, they said they would be out and they showed up.
Second, the guys who came to do the work did a good job. They asked for our input, which I really appreciate. I may not know much about tree pruning, but they can take their expertise and my desires and come up with a workable solution. I appreciate that.”

Dana Matheny – June 13th Ctmatheny@msn.com

(Customer Rated 10/10)

“A recent storm caused a lot of damage to our 45 year old Black Walnut Tree. There were so many limbs down that we were afraid that we might lose the whole tree. We called several places for estimates and advice, but Wichita Tree Service responded to our request right away. When the owner came out to our house, he was professional and knowledgeable; he obviously really cared about the trees. He answered all of our questions, offered some thoughtful suggestions, gave us some choices, and then came up with a very reasonable bid. We were so impressed that we knew that we wanted this company working with us. The team came out very quickly and they were all very courteous, skilled, and experienced. We enjoyed watching the team and their equipment. They were so efficient. The yard was very clean and neat when the team finished. Best of all, our tree looked amazingly nice and was on its way to a healthy recovery. All of the trees on our property were planted as saplings over 40 years ago. We will trust Wichita Tree Service to care for their needs in the future. I strongly recommend this company to any homeowner who in need of care for their trees and landscaping.
Caroll Steacy”

Caroll Steacy – July 6th

(Customer rated 10/10)

“Extremely professional.
Great job I will definitely use them again and refer them to friends.”

Lisa Rodgers – June 3rd Jlisa1023@yahoo.com

(customer rated 10/10)

“Because there was no 11, and you did a really good job!”

Jay Magelssen – June 17th Tenheart@cox.net

(Customer rated 10/10)


Fred Thurlow – July 20th Fred.thurlow.b6qq@statefarm.com